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Kristie  Flick  Lee  El  Sam  Vavau  Matt  Vote  However  Brooke  


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  • Flick and Kristie decided to remain loyal to Lee and El and carry through the plan to split the vote between sam and matt to tie the vote between them
  • Flick and brooke discussed their strategy with nine players left and wondered how long they should wait before voting out sam and Lee
  • And sam and brooke started to think about removing Lee and El as both physical and jury threats to instead reach the final four with Flick and matt
  • Flick then began strategising with Lee about voting out matt as quickly as possible
  • Flick and matt would all want him voted out and would find it easier finding numbers amongst their old saanapu tribemates
  • Matt tried talking to Kristie and Flick about voting at least one of Lee and El out to give them a better chance at the final three challenge

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